The Answers: Help for Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions about accessing and utilizing this workshop that will help you as you work through it. This page should be your FIRST stop when you have a question, as 99% of the questions you will ever have are answered here. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, scroll to the bottom to learn how to get more help. Thank you!

Q: I lost my password. How do I get in?

A: Request a password reset at

Q: I can't get a video to play. How do I solve this?

A: Some students report issues playing the videos on the iPad. If you have issues, click on the video box anywhere near the start arrow and it should work for you. Clicking on the start arrow itself seems to be an issue.

Q: I don't like to use Facebook. Do I have to join the group?

A: No, you do not. You can complete this entire workshop without ever using Facebook. However, please note that we provide feedback and assistance in our Maker Academy Workshops Facebook Group (If you request to join, when asked for the secret passphrase, please type SUPERMAKER)

Q: Where do I find the workbook? How do I download it?

A: The workbook will be available to download in the Workshop Area after the workshop premieres on March 11. Click the link at the bottom of the workbook page to download it.

Q: What software do I need for this workshop?

A: You only need your web browser to access Calligraphr, which has a free version and I will teach you how to use. You may optionally also use Procreate and/or Silhouette Studio Business Edition. I do not teach how to make fonts in Inkscape or Illustrator in this workshop. Procreate is another option for writing your letters if you prefer to do it digitally rather than with a pen.

Q: If I don't like my handwriting, what do I do?

A: I recommend you take advantage of the character editing options shown in our lessons to adjust and clean up your handwriting until you are satisfied. This is one of the huge benefits to digitizing your handwriting into a font -- you get to make the BEST version of your handwriting!

Q: Can I make a font from a pre-written handwriting sample only?

A: The process I teach in this workshop requires that a handwriting template be filled out, so if a person is unable to fill it out for one reason or another, the process cannot be followed. It MAY be possible to trace the handwriting from a sample, but only if the same includes all letters (upper and lower), numbers, and punctuations, or you are willing to extrapolate. It's also necessary that the sample be enlarged so you can trace over it with something like a Cricut BrightPad. This process is not taught step-by-step in the workshop, but will be briefly shown during Lesson 6 to give you a place to begin.

Q: Is Calligraphr in the App Store?

A: Calligraphr is web based. Just go to

Q: Is there a limit to how many fonts I can make in Calligraphr?

A: You can only work on one font at a time in the free version. Once you download your font, you can delete it in Calligraphr and make a new one. You can make multiple fonts in the Pro version.

Q: Can I have variations of letters?

A: In Calligraphr, you can create variants for each character. In the free version of Calligraphr, you can have 2 variants per character. In the Pro version, you can have up to 15 variants per character. 

Q: Can you upload the Calligraphr template as a PDF, or does it have to be a jpeg?

A: You can upload the Calligraphr template as a PDF.

Q: Does the red line help line the characters up?

A: The guidelines help you have consistent letter sizing when creating your font.

Q: How do you keep the grey background letters in Calligraphr from showing up in your upload?

A: You can uncheck the background letter, but the template is designed to not scan or upload the guide letters.

Q: Does Calligraphr create the vector so that it cannot be used as a writing font in Design Space?

A: It can be used to write, but will create bubble letters.

Q: The letters seem fuzzy up close when I’m working in Calligraphr. Will this change?

A: Calligraphr displays it like that, but it is a clean font when used in projects.

Q: Will Calligraphr store my font indefinitely?

A: The free version will not. Your browser will delete data after a certain amount of time, so be sure to always download your font. The Pro version of Calligraphr will store your font data on their servers.

Q: Do you have to have an iPad or Apple product to use Procreate?

A: Yes, Procreate is currently only available for the iPad.

Q: Does Procreate work with Android tablets?

A: Only iPads.

Q: If you create using Procreate, can you upload the font to Windows?

A: If you’re able to send the png to Windows, it will work.

Q: Do you show how to do handwriting in Procreate so letters connect?

A: That’s more detailed and not something we cover in this workshop.

Q: Instead of Procreate, can you use Photoshop?

A: Yes, you can use another program, including Photoshop, and upload it to Calligraphr.

Q: If I use a brush pen on my template, will it upload looking like brush strokes?

A: Your results may vary. Calligraphr will trace your strokes, but it probably will not be able to create an exact replica and may not produce clear results.

Q: Do you need a Silhouette machine to use their software?

A: You do not need a Silhouette machine to use their software.

Q: Does it matter what kind of Apple Pencil?

A: Any Apple Pencil is fine for this workshop, but you want it to be compatible with your iPad.

Q: Can I use any iPad and any Apple Pencil?

A: As long as the iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil, it will work.

Q: How can I share the font from my iPad to my computer?

A: You can email them to yourself or AirDrop them to your other devices.

Q: Do you show how to access system fonts from Design Space?

A: Yes, we show how to install and use your font for personalized projects.

Q: I see that the font looks a little rough. Will it be difficult for the Cricut to cut it because it will have lots of nodes?

A: The more time you spend cleaning up your font, the cleaner it will look. We did not have any issues using the font with our projects.

Q: In Design Space, is there a way to separate or ungroup letters in our font to adjust spacing (kerning?)

A: Yes, you can ungroup to letters in Design Space! The feature is under the “Advanced” icon.

Q: In Design Space, can we bold our new fonts so they are a bit easier to read when sliced out of the mug wrap?

A: You can try to use Offset to bold the letters, but you might lose some detail of the font.

Q: I would like to use my own font to write on cards that I make with my Cricut. Can you tell us how to do this?

A: You’ll want to use Print then Cut to use the font as you see it on the screen. If you change the font to a writing operation in Design Space, the letters will become bubble letters.

Q: Can you use the Cricut pens to write the letters?

A: Yes, you can, however when the font is changed to writing, the letters will turn to bubble letters and outline each character.

Q: Was the potholder made with vinyl or sublimation? Was the potholder cotton?

A: Sublimation print on a polyester potholder.

Q: I want to sublimate something like the pot holder, only larger. How can I make it bigger for something like a 12”x12” pillow?

A: Just resize your design in Cricut Design Space to the size you need for your project.

Q: If you use Infusible Ink pens to draw your font, do you need any special kind of paper?

A: Laser copy paper.

Q: Can you put the Infusible Ink wraps on other items than the mug?

A: Infusible ink works for many other types of projects! Check out for more information.

Q: Is there any benefit to using Procreate or Silhouette rather than just using Calligraphr?

A: Calligraphr works with Procreate. It is a preference whether you want a digital or printed template.

Q: When you download other fonts, do you usually choose the OTF version or the TTF version?

A: The OTF version.

Q: How do you get the font from iPad to PC?

A: Once the font is downloaded from Calligraphr, you can send it to yourself to install on any device.

Q: If I use Procreate on the iPad and save in Calligraphr, can I access it on my Windows computer?

A: Only with the Pro version. The free version saves it locally on the device you are working on.

Q: Will we learn how to turn the fonts into hairline fonts to use with writing? 

A: That is not part of this workshop, but if you use a very thin pen, you may be able to get a similar look.

Q: Is there a secondary pen you recommend? I’m noticing that the Sharpie leaves dots at the stopping placement of the letters.

A: A black felt pen is best. It doesn’t have to be a Sharpie.

Q: Does it matter what order the characters or wingdings are in?

A: Follow the template prompts. You’ll see the character to write is very small in the top left corner of each box.

Q: Have you tried making symbols in place of letters, to make your own dingbats?

A: To do this, either add dingbats to your templates (these are under Miscellaneous in Calligraphr) and download and fill them out, or simply write dingbats instead of letters. I have tried this and it worked great.

Q: Do you have tips for creating fonts that do not look handwritten?

A: For a less handwritten look, you would either want to use a super fine point pen or brush when drawing out your letters so you get more detail. Or you’d want to create these in a vector program like Illustrator or Inkscape, then import them into a font generator such as (mentioned in Lesson 6).

Q: My question is not answered here. Where do I get more help?

A: Post in this thread in our Facebook group (posting elsewhere means we may not see your question) or email us at [email protected]

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