The Software, Supplies, & Tools: What To Get

Workshop Software, Supplies, and Tools

For this workshop, I will teach you how to use three sets of software:

Note: You don't need all the software listed above — you can create a font with just one, which is explained in the workshop.

Design Tools

  • Printer (for the Calligraphr and Silhouette Studio options)
  • White copy paper (for the Calligraphr and Silhouette Studio options)
  • Black pen or marker (for the Calligraphr and Silhouette Studio options)
  • Apple iPad running iPad OS 15.4.1 or later (for Procreate option - see system requirements)
  • Apple Pencil first or second generation (for Procreate option — optional) - note that generic versions of the Pencil will be missing the pressure sensitivity, so only a true Apple Pencil is recommended

Bonus Fonts, Files & Designs

You are free to use the handwriting fonts Jennifer made from the same tools available to you in this workshop — they're fun and cute!


I will show you how to use your font to make three projects — a sublimation potholder, an Infusible Ink mug, and an iron-on vinyl pillow.

While these projects are not the primary focus of this workshop, I know some of you might like to know how I made them and what supplies I used. So I will demonstrate how to make them and provide a supply list:

View the Amazon shopping list here!

Sublimation Potholder

Infusible Ink Mug

Iron-On Vinyl Pillow


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