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Workshop Software, Materials, and Tools

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You will learn three different ways to make a layered paper mandala using Cricut Design Space, Inkscape, and/or Adobe Illustrator. You do not need all three programs — I'm showing you all three, so you have options and choices. For additional support in creating your SVGs and making precisely what you envision, just the way you want, without compromise. Imagine having the know-how to impress everyone, even yourself, with what you can create check out the Cut Above SVG Design Course.


Cricut Design Space (free for desktop, iOS, and Android — I'll be demonstrating on desktop)

Inkscape (free, requires Mac or Windows desktop)

Adobe Illustrator (monthly fee, 7-day free trial, requires Mac or Windows desktop)




First, we're going to use the Weld and Slice features to create a simple mandala design in Cricut Design Space. Then, we're going to use the Offset feature in Design Space to create the rest of our mandala's layers. Next, we're going to create a slightly more complex mandala design from start to finish using Inkscape. Finally, we're going to make a more challenging mandala design from start to finish in Adobe Illustrator.

While these projects are not the primary focus of this workshop, some of you might like to know how I made them and what supplies I used. So I will demonstrate how to make them using the supplies listed above.

Do you need more mandala inspiration? Check out these projects from my library:


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