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Workshop Software, Materials, and Tools

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For this workshop, I will introduce you to AI art generation and then show you three tools you can use to get started. Then, we’ll make a few projects using AI-generated work to inspire your first few projects! We will be using Microsoft Bing's Image Creator to get familiar with AI-generated art. Then we'll use CF Spark to create an AI-generated image and then use Cricut Design Space's Print Then Cut feature to cut stickers of our AI creations. We'll also use CF Spark to design an image for a sublimation mug. Our third project will be to use Midjourney to create an image and then upscale the image for a sublimation pillow.


I will explain how to use this software during our workshop. You do not need to know how to use it or have it before you start the workshop.

Additional online resources:



Related sublimation Projects on my blog:


I will show you how to use your AI-generated art to make three projects - stickers, a sublimation mug, and upscale an image for a sublimation pillow.

To learn more about how to edit and work with your images for your creative projects, check out the Canva Creative Workshop.

While these projects are not the primary focus of this workshop, some of you might like to know how I made them and what supplies I used. So I will demonstrate how to make them using the supplies listed above.


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